Professional Roof Repairs

Roof repairs are common, frequent, and necessary. Roofs don't last 25 years without continual maintenance. The experts at Action Roofing Services Inc are here at your beckon call- ready to re-shingle, patch up those water spots, and generally fix any issue- minor or major- your roof might be facing.

Sections or sides
Roof repair can be a small area of water damage, decayed flashing, or just a cracked or missing shingle. Sometimes it can be managing an excessive amount of shingle granules. Whatever the case may be, we repair whole sections or sides of roof, as is necessary.

Weather damage repair
We all know Alaska is a breathtaking place to live. But our beauty comes with weather that will test your boundaries, as well as your roof's. Weather damage for roofs is frequent, and if you're not careful, can be very costly. Action Roofing Services Inc cares about our community, so we'll never overcharge. Weather damage comes in all shapes and sizes and can happen at a moment's notice, which is why we're here to serve you, prompt and ready to fix.

Repairs of all shapes and sizes
From re-shingling, to gutter maintenance, to cement flashing, we do it all. Roofs are a complex labyrinth of molding and tile work, layered purposefully and with intricacy. Roofing maintenance should never be left to those with little to no experience; it's a tough job, and requires not only the right tools, but the right materials, know-how, and experience. We make any repair you may need, and will be at your door faster than any other roofing company in town.