Roofing Service in Girdwood

At Action Roofing Services, we have been proudly serving the Girdwood community and surrounding areas for more than 30 wonderful years. Our locally-owned, locally-operated business is fully licensed, bonded, and insured, so you can trust that you’ll always get the finest workmanship from the most knowledgeable pros. Because our customers are so loyal and they love to refer their friends and family to our humble roofing company, our hard-earned reputation often precedes us. Our roofers are the most reliable, trustworthy, and professional folks in town, and we put so much faith in their work that we offer a 100% customer service guarantee. We won’t rest until you’re completely satisfied. Give our Girdwood roofing company a call today and let us give you the high-quality roof you deserve!

Roofing Services

Roof Repair

When you notice that your roof is leaking or severe weather strikes, the damage can worsen in a hurry. Action Roofing makes roof leaks a thing of the past. Our local roofers will assess any roof damage and make a smart plan of action to address it all. While other roofing companies might make temporary repairs that don’t stand the test of time, we take the extra time to fix things the right way. Because our local roofing company is highly experienced, we are prepared to help you keep your roof looking beautiful and serving its purpose for years to come.

Roof Replacement

If your roof has suffered extensive damage or it’s just time to install a new roof because your old one is worn and dated, your Girdwood roofers are here to help. You should only trust the most experienced, professional Girdwood roofing contractor with this important task, and that’s exactly what you’ll get at Action Roofing. We understand that a new roof is a big investment, so we take our jobs very seriously. We promise to give you the best workmanship and service the Girdwood region has to offer!

Gutters and Downspouts

Gutters are often overlooked, but they actually play a critical role in keeping your foundation protected against erosion and damage. They also protect your landscaping, prevent flooding, halt mold and mildew growth, and prevent damage or staining to the exterior of your home. Our professional gutter services include high-quality gutters and downspouts. When you allow our roofing service in Girdwood to install your new gutters, you’ll be blown away by the benefits and the beauty they provide.

Roof Installation

Whether you’re searching for a Girdwood roofer to install a roof on your new construction home or you’re replacing an existing roof, it’s essential that you find a roofer with the know-how to get the job done right. New roofs typically require more work than replacements because the deck and underlayment must also be installed. No job is too big or too small for our roofing service. We are always happy to put our superior workmanship on display!

Roof Inspections

When bad weather wreaks havoc on your roof and you suspect damage, you might find yourself feeling overwhelmed. The only way to determine the severity of the damage and prevent further issues from arising is to schedule a roof inspection as soon as possible. We’ll answer all your questions and give you peace of mind by providing you with an estimate and an effective plan of action. As your go-to roofer in Girdwood, we will work hard to ensure that every step of the inspection process is as stress-free as possible.

Roofing Materials

Action Roofing Materials offers all the finest, most durable, industry-leading roofing materials. There is a big difference between adequate shingles and excellent, high-quality ones. Take a look at our list of roofing materials to get an idea of which option might work best for you and your home or building.

GAF HDZ® Shingles

There’s a good reason USA-made GAF shingles are the best-selling shingles in the country! Offering a stellar warranty, algae- and stain-resistant technologies, impressive durability, and the best fire rating a shingle can receive, this product is tough to top. Layers of protection provide your home with the safety and protection you and your family deserve.

Cedar Shakes

Cedar shake is one of several premium-quality roofing supplies we offer. These thick, durable, long-lasting roofs aren’t just practical, but they’re also incredibly beautiful. Our customers love the rustic, rich look these roofs provide. When you allow your roofing contractor at Action Roofing to complete your professional installation, you can rest assured that you’ll enjoy years and years of lasting charm and protection.

Carlisle EPDM Rubber

EPDM rubber is a resilient, time-tested product that has been used for more than 50 years on roofs across the world. Offering energy efficiency, and durability, this high-quality material is as practical as can be. One feature we love about Carlisle EPDM is the safety it offers. This unique product helps melt dew, ice, and frost, dries faster than many other roofing materials, and reduces the snow load on your roof. WIth top-notch installation by Action Roofing, your Carlisle EPDM Rubber roof will stand the test of time.

Hot Tar Built-Up Roofing

Built-up roofing features multiple layers of hot tar applied between ply sheets on top of the insulation and roof deck. One of the most popular roofing styles because of its fire protection, incredible durability, and low-maintenance design, built-up roofing is tough to beat. These roofs tend to be attractive to customers because not only are they built to last, but they are also cost-effective. With expert installation and periodic maintenance, you can expect your built-up roof to last up to a few decades.

EPS Foam Tapered Roofing

Tapered roofs allow for optimal water run-off, making them a smart design choice for your home in Girdwood. EPS is an affordable and versatile option that allows homeowners to enjoy the advantages of flat roofs and sloped roofs at the same time. Fully customizable and made with practicality in mind, EPS foam is certainly a great option to consider. This lightweight foam is an exceptionally effective way to insulate your roof.

DaVinci Slate Roofing

If you love the look of slate but you don’t want to deal with the challenges they bring, say hello to DaVinci slate. Promising maximum beauty, a high impact rating, an excellent fire rating, an amazing warranty, and a remarkable wind rating, these beautiful roofs are popular among our customers for a variety of reasons. DaVinci slate is lightweight, it maintains its color, and it is modeled after real slate for a non-repeating, natural, realistic look. These versatile products are made in the USA, and they are surprisingly low maintenance.

Monier Concrete Tile

When you’re trying to decide what type of roofing you want, durability is a key feature to consider. Many roofing materials are strong, but concrete roofs actually strengthen over time! Monier concrete tiles are the most economical option you’ll find on the market. They come in a variety of colors and styles, and they’re truly built to withstand anything Mother Nature might throw their way. While we welcome you to consult your roofers in Girdwood about all your top-quality options, we also encourage you to consider premium, beautiful, rust- and corrosion-proof, fire-safe Monier tiles.

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