New Construction Roofing

We do repairs, but are we able to build a roof from scratch? Of course! New construction roofing is building an entirely new roof, for a whole new building. With our knowledge and extensive experience, we can build a roof out of thin air, as well as fix an old one for good. New or old, rain or shine, we're roofing wizards, every time.

Residential and commercial new construction
Roofs come in all shapes and sizes, and are necessary in all aspects of your life. Whether you're at the movies, home, a coffee shop, or work, you have a roof over your head. Most likely, all those roofs are entirely different, all with a different set of needs. Action Roofing Services Inc does every type of roofing work- from your home to your business, from new to old. We'll make you a new roof, or keep your existing one in business.

No job too big or too small
When shopping around for the right repair shop, you're often faced with wondering if they can fit your particular needs. Does your roof have an abnormality that you're not sure anyone can fix? Does your business need to be entirely re-roofed? No matter if it's a construction defect or a whole new project, we do it all, and we're always affordable.

Quality workmanship - every time
The most frequent complaint we hear about lesser roofing companies is their shoddy workmanship. We can guarantee that is never a problem with Action Roofing Services Inc. A company doesn't become Anchorage's go-to roofing spot without fine, quality workmanship. We respond to your calls promptly, with a smile- because we love what we do, and we take pride in our thorough, extensive services.