Roofing Service in Anchorage

For more than 30 years, Action Roofing Services has proudly served the Anchorage region and neighboring areas. Our locally-owned and operated company is completely insured, bonded, and licensed so you can be confident that you’ll always get the best workmanship from the most seasoned professionals. Our hard-earned reputation frequently precedes us because our loyal customers love to send their friends and family to our humble roofing company. Our roofers are the most dependable, trustworthy, and qualified people in town, and we have such confidence in their work that we make a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We will not consider the project complete until you are fully satisfied. Call our Anchorage roofing company today and let us provide you with the high-quality roof you deserve!

Roofing Services

Gutters and Downspouts

Gutters are frequently overlooked, but they play an important role in protecting your foundation from damage and erosion. They also prevent exterior damage and staining, protect your landscaping, prevent flooding, and deter mildew and mold growth. Our expert roofing services include the installation of high-quality downspouts and gutters. When you allow our roofing service in Anchorage to install your new gutters, you’ll be blown away by the benefits and the beauty they provide.

Roof Inspections

When bad weather causes devastation to your roof and it suffers damage, you may feel overwhelmed. The only way to determine the true extent of the damage and avoid additional problems is to schedule a roof inspection as soon as you can. We’ll address all of your concerns and provide you with a detailed plan of action to put your mind at ease. We will work hard as your go-to roofer in Anchorage to make every step of the inspection process as low-stress as can be.

Roof Replacement

If your roof has sustained significant damage or if it is just time to install a new roof because your old one has become dated and worn, your Anchorage roofers are here to assist. You should only entrust this essential task to the most experienced, competent Anchorage roofing contractor, and that’s exactly what you’ll receive at Action Roofing. We recognize that a new roof is a major investment, and that’s one reason we take our jobs extremely seriously. We vow to provide you with the finest service and workmanship in the Anchorage area!

Roof Installation

Whether you’re looking for a Anchorage roofer to replace an existing roof or to install a roof on your new construction home, it’s critical that you find a roofer who knows all the ins and outs of the roofing business. Because the underlayment and deck must also be installed, new roofs generally require more work than replacements. For our roofing service, no task is too big or too small. We are always delighted to demonstrate our excellent craftsmanship!

Roof Repair

When severe weather strikes or you realize your roof is leaking, the damage can quickly spread. Roof leaks are a thing of the past thanks to Action Roofing. Our local roofers will take a look at any roof damage and devise a strategy to fix everything. While some roofing companies may opt for temporary repairs that won’t last, we take the time to fix things correctly from the start. Since our local roofing company has a wealth of experience, we are ready to assist you in keeping your roof looking beautiful and functioning properly for many years to come.

Roofing Materials

All of the industry-leading, best, most durable roofing materials are available at Action Roofing Materials. There is a big difference between adequate shingles and excellent, high-quality ones. Review our list of roofing materials to see which option is ideal for you and your property.

Cedar Shakes

We offer a diverse selection of high-quality roofing supplies, including cedar shake. These thick, robust, long-lasting roofs are not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. Our customers love the rustic, rich look these roofs provide. When you allow your roofing contractor at Action When you rely on Action Roofing to complete your professional installation, you can rest assured that you will enjoy years of long-lasting protection and charm.

Monier Concrete Tile

Durability is an important factor to consider when you’re deciding on the type of roofing you want. Although many roofing materials are durable, concrete rooftops are the only ones that actually strengthen over time! Monier concrete tiles are the most cost-effective choice on the market. They are available in a variety of styles and colors, and they are truly built to endure whatever Mother Nature may hurl at them. While we urge you to consult with your Anchorage roofers about all of your high-quality options, we also recommend that you consider fire-safe, corrosion- and rust-proof, beautiful, premium Monier tiles.

DaVinci Slate Roofing

If you love the look of slate but you don’t want to deal with the challenges they bring, say hello to DaVinci slate. These gorgeous roofs are popular among our customers for a variety of reasons, including their outstanding beauty, high impact rating, amazing warranty, excellent fire rating, and remarkable wind rating. DaVinci slate keeps its color, is made to look like real slate, and is lightweight, giving it a realistic, distinct, and natural appearance. These adaptable products are made in the United States and require remarkably little upkeep.

Carlisle EPDM Rubber

EPDM rubber is a tough, time-tested material that has been used on roofs all over the globe for more than 50 years. This high-quality product is extremely practical due to its energy efficiency and durability. The protection that Carlisle EPDM provides is one of its best features. This one-of-a-kind material aids in the melting of dew, ice, and frost, dries quicker than many other roofing materials, and lowers the snow load on your roof. Your Carlisle EPDM Rubber roof will withstand the elements thanks to Action Roofing’s expert construction.

EPS Foam Tapered Roofing

Tapered roofs allow for enhanced water run-off, making them an excellent design option for your Anchorage home. EPS is a cost-effective and versatile option that enables homeowners to reap the benefits of both flat and sloped roofs. EPS foam is a fantastic option to consider because it is fully customizable and designed with functionality in mind. This lightweight foam is an extremely efficient roof insulation material.

GAF HDZ® Shingles

GAF shingles are the best-selling shingles in the country for a variety of reasons, including the fact that they are made right here in the USA. With a stellar warranty, remarkable durability, the best fire rating a shingle can obtain, and stain- and algae-resistant technologies, this product is difficult to match. Layers of protection provide the security and safety that you and your family deserve.

Hot Tar Built-Up Roofing

Multiple layers of hot tar are spread between ply sheets on top of the insulation and roof deck in built-up roofing. Built-up roofing is one of the most popular roofing designs due to its low-maintenance design, amazing durability, and fire protection. Customers are drawn to these roofs because they are not only long-lasting, but they are also cost-effective. Your built-up roof can last for decades if properly installed and maintained on a regular basis.

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