Superior Re-roofs

Sometimes we don't know we need something until it's leaking all over us and our families. Re-roofs are one of our many extensive roofing services we provide. Re-roofs must happen when you've got a leaky roof, or the original work has worn down. When that happens, we're here to serve.

How do you know you need a re-roof?
Sometimes it's hard to tell if you need a re-roof until it's too late. Most experts say that a roof should last between 20 and 25 years, depending on if you have only one layer of shingles, and if the old roof was removed before your current one was installed. If your shingles are curling, buckling, or missing, or if you're seeing daylight through your roof boards, these are telltale signs that it's time for a new roof.

What we do
When your roof needs to retire, we're here for hire. The re-roofing process involves taking off old roofing, putting flashing along the joints, placing underlayment over the sheathing and deck, and installing new roofing materials on top. With so many years of experience in our community, we're well-versed in the re-roofing process, which is why we're Anchorage's go-to for re-roofing.

Our roofs are built to last
Action Roofing Services Inc uses only the finest materials, that are built to last. Our roofers are thorough and meticulous, and will always build a new roof for you that will endure the elements. Re-roofing can be very dangerous, time consuming, and potentially life threatening- don't attempt to do it yourself. Our experts know exactly what they're doing, and how to properly re-install your roof, at a price you can afford. Don't break the bank, or your back.